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We are a group of concerned citizens who came together to work for environmental stewardship and open government – both locally and nationally.

Please feel free to study our website to learn about nuclear safety issues, radiation and public health issues, our Radiation Monitoring Project, and our campaign to Make Radiation Visible!

Members are welcome! Your membership in BEST/MATRR makes us stronger – by adding your ideas, point of view, experience, and feedback – as well as needed financial support, to our efforts.

We hope you will want to participate as a member – in whatever way works best for you. Members welcome – join here today!


We recently launched a national campaign to make radiation visible in three ways: by requiring visible dyes be released with emergency radioactive releases, by posting public health alerts for scheduled and accidental releases of radioactive materials into our environment, and with a long overdue national radiation monitoring network available online in real time and covering the 50 mile danger zones around nuclear power plants, where one in three Americans now live.

Fukushima children were sent into the path of a radioactive plume rather than away from it; and it took an explosion killing 300 Texas school children before odor-markers were required in natural gas and propane. Dispersal of dyes is a simple technology that could be critical for first responders and the public in the event of an emergency. This is sensible and financially sound emergency preparedness.

We have smog alerts, toxic spill alerts, even pollen alerts – so, why not radiation alerts for accidental and routine releases of radioactive pollutants?

The United States needs a comprehensive national radiation monitoring network that is modern and available online in real time. When the radioactive plume from Fukushima traveled across North America, less than 100 EPA monitors were recording its path. Since then, hundred of concerned citizens like us have been uploading real-time radiation data to online mapping systems in real-time. This is a mature technology, and it is time for the agencies responsible for protecting the public and the environment from radioactive toxins, upgrade and coordinate to 'connect the dots' to increase public safety.

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